We Love What We Do

We currently have more than 150 hectares planted with Nogales Chandler variety located in 3 areas of the Uco Valley: El Zampal, Cordón del Plata and San Carlos. These lands stand out for their favorable climatic conditions for the obtaining of nuts of excellent quality.

We carry out practices aimed at GAP and organic quality standards. We are committed to the care of our planet, especially protecting the soil that we cultivate.

Processing plant

Our facilities are located in the department of Tupungato, at the foot of the Andes, where we perform the Reception of the walnut - hulled - Washing with pure water - Drying in indirect fire ovens - Selection - Calibrated and bagged with latest machinery technology and personalized care of each batch.

The harvest season begins at the end of March of each year, so the supply is carried out between the months of May and November.

Walnuts Chandler

This variety is of Californian origin, it stands out for its soft shell and pulp of light color, of soft and pleasant flavor. The consumption of this fruit provides innumerable benefits to the organism, through its high content of proteins, vitamins, amino acids and oils.
Authentic Tradition

Nutritional information

Vitamins: A, B1, B6 and folic acid

  • Calories - 668


  • PROTEINS - 140G

  • FIBER - 4G

  • LIPIDS - 68G

  • VITAMIN E - 2,92MG


  • CALCIUM - 94MG

Innovation & Technology

We have technology and avant-garde infrastructure that guarantees high quality results in the process of despelonado and drying our nuts.

SUPPLY: from May to October of each year

Our Philosophy
El Zampal
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