The production is in own farms, located in the zones of Cordon del Plata and Zampal in the departments of Tupungato and San Carlos.
Iriarte 3650 (CP 5561) - Mendoza - Argentina.

Conventional and Organic Crops

It has 580 hectares of field, of which 270 are dedicated to the cultivation of garlic, potatoes, carrots, squash and onions. It has 8400 m2 of covered land that make up the establishment, where the packaging and conditioning work of said production is carried out, through machinery and qualified personnel for each task.

Productive process

a. The plantations are made from own and selected seeds.

b. Plantations of: garlic, onion, squash, potato and carrot.

c. The harvest through machinery and experienced personnel.

d. Seated in benches for the process of drying it before being treated in the packing plants.

e. Once there is divided with the best technology available in the market, which guarantees the non-damage of the product and its performance according to the requirements.

f. The local, regional, national and international distribution through own trucks that guarantee the efficiency and responsibility in the assumed commitments.
El Zampal
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