SINCE 1977



Productos a la altura de las exigencias de los mercados mundiales.

Welcome to El Zampal

Our products are cultivated in a land known worldwide for its unbeatable geographical condition, gathering conditions of soil, climate and water that make it an optimum quality crop for export.
THE ZAMPAL S.A. It has its properties located at the foot of the Andes mountain range, in the Argentine Republic, province of Mendoza, specifically in Iriarte street s / n of the Department of Tupungato, Province of Mendoza, 80 km south of the capital city of Province. It has a semi-arid continental climate with a lot of sun and high thermal amplitude. These conditions make possible the excellence of horticultural crops that place us at the height of the demands of world markets.

In 1977, this family business started its activities when Eduardo Roberto Morosini joined María del Carmen Meo and gave life to ZAMPAL S.A. The horticultural activities are developed in own grounds.



The production is developed through conventional and organic crops, taking as main premises the efficiency, quality, care and commitment, obtaining the best results fruit not only of the soil but also of the experience and dedication put into the work.


From El Zampal S.A. We grow and produce horticultural products and nuts with the highest quality and demand of the world markets. Our offer is distributed among Carrots, Garlic, Potatoes, Onions, Zapallos and Nuts. We invite you to know each one the same in detail.
Iriarte 3650 (CP 5561), Tupungato
Mendoza - Argentina
El Zampal
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Phone: +54 02622 488404